Music from Hungary – Pokolgep

Pokolgép is a Hungarian heavy metal band formed in the early 1980s (around 1982).They were among the first heavy metal bands in Hungary along with other bands like Moby Dick and Ossian.

My grandma came from Hungary and married a Croatian , in this region of former Yougoslavia lived a lot of people with hungarian or german origin, so they´ve learned in school as my mother and my father did , the german or the hungarian language . Unfortunately i never did , i learned french , english and italian in school .

Here is their metal ballad “Hol Van a szo ” what could be translated with ” Where is the sun ” the band name Pokolglep means “bomb ”

by the way the band still consists


Music from Hungary – Ando Drom

Ando Drom, are a roma gipsy ensemble from Hungary, founded in 1984. Listen to “Csi lav tu”, a nice piece from them!

Listen to “Phari Mamo” too!

Music from Hungary – Punnany Massif

Punnany Massif , a hip hop group founded 2003 in Pecs /Hungary . Oh what wonderful pictures , especially for our main author XANDI , who´s a passionated biker . Here is their song Elevezd – really a summer dream !

Music from Hungary – Félperc

Hey friends,

I can’t stay away from some post-rock. Félperc is an instrumental post-rock band from Szombathely, Hungary. I couldn’t find more about them. Listen to “So You Think You Can Fly ?”.

I’m a fan of Metallica and i found a Félperc cover , you can listen to “One” here.