Music from Germany – Pupkulies & Rebecca // Electronica

The German group Pupkulies & Rebecca, formed in 2006, is the electronica and house music group of Rebecca Blaul (vocals), Sepp Singwald (keyboard) and Janosch Blaul (production). Listen to their great song “Juvinal”:

Music from France – FAUL

FAUL is a deep house producer from Paris, France. Listen to the awesome good track “Happy Endings”:

Music from Austria – Elektroschneider

Actually this one is like a weekly recommendation for you. Elektroschneider is an austrian electro minimal house project from Graz. Listen to the nice song “Dialogue”:

Music from Scotland – Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is a singer, DJ, songwriter and record producer. He has won awards and had some hit singles so far. Listen to “Sweet Nothing”:

Listen to Feel So Close too!

Music from Germany – David Keller

David Keller is a german deep techno, house and minimal music producer and remixer from Heidelberg. Have a listen to his great remix of “Little Lion Man” from Nina Nesbitt:

Music from the US/Chile – Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar is an american-chilean minimal, electro and house musician. Here’s his great “Fall 2008” mix!