Music from Norway – Anders Nilsen

Anders Nilsen is a Norwegian singer, producer and comedian. The song “Salsa Tequila” is the result of it: a dance beat within some non-sens made up a #1 hit! As he says himself he doesn’t speak spanish – he just mixes different words. Very nice one, with a great cover potential!

An official Dutch parody:

And a Sander Hoogendoorn cover:

Music from the UK – Dario G

Paul Spencer, better known as the latest member of the british dance trio Dario G is an english dance and trance music producer. They had an amazing #2 hit in the UK in 1997 called “Sunchyme”:

Music from the US – The Last Goodnight

The Last Goodnight are an US-american alternative rock band Connecticut. They became famous in 2007 with their pop hit “Pictures Of You”:

Music from Germany – Madeline Juno

Madeline Juno (born August 11, 1995 as Madeline Obrigewitsch)  is a German singer-songwriter. This 18 year old lady just had her first hit single named “Error” She comes just around the corner from the Black Forrest

Enjoy this young beauty and her first radio hit

Music from the US – Capital Cities

Capital Cities are an american indie pop duo from Los Angeles. Listen to their nice #1 hit “Safe and Sound”: