Music from the US – Gary Storm

Gary Storm is an US-american musician. His nice song “(The Cover of a) Punk Magazine” is a celebration of independent punk journalism, really an interesting piece!

Music from the US – Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal (born July 2, 1930 as Frederick Russell Jones) is an innovative and influential American jazz pianist, composer, and educator. According to American music critic Stanley Crouch, Jamal is second in importance in the development of jazz after 1945 only to Charlie Parker. For five decades, he has been one of the most successful small-group leaders in jazz. (wiki) 

Music from the US/Germany – Gershon Kingsley

Now something experimental and unusual , a composition from Gershon Kingsley , born 1922 in Bochum. Gershons compositions are between Avantgarde and Pop , here one of it as exxample , a live performance using  one of the first synthesizers “the Moog ”   with the title “Sabbath for today ”  a live transmission out of the temple Rodeph Shalom on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

if noone has known it before , no problem i didn´t at all,  but this one knows everybody i bet ^^ Popcorn

Music from France – Phoenix

Phoenix, formed in 1999, is a french Grammy awarded band from Versailles. Their music is a mix of new wave, alternative rock and synthpop. Here’s their song “Lisztomania“:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Mobius, thanks!