Music from the UK/US – Joe Strummer & Johnny Cash

Today is cover day , i found this one after i´ve posted the Bob Marley Heavy Metal remake ( see the post before) one of my most beloved Marley Songs the “Redemption Song ” performed by Joe Strummer ( The Clash ) and the  unforgotten Johnny Cash .

Music from Jamaica – Bob Marley

This must be really Love ; when i heard this track for the first time , excuse me when i saw it , i thought at first, another remix that the world really doesn´t need , but at the end i love it , that shoots BOB  right into the heights  of the heavy Metal Heaven

you gonna love it – this is love ! (i dont think it´s a blasphemy) Bob the King of Metal Reggae

Music from the UK – Fields of Nephilim

This Gothic rock band out of Hertfordshire, England were very active in the 80’s and early 90’s.  Their sound was innovative in the Gothic scene, incorporating heavy metal elements to make hard, bass and guitar driven sound underneath McCoys growled vocals.  This is their song “Sumerland”.

Music from Denmark – Witch Cross

Witch Cross is a legendary heavy metal band from Denmark.  They are back after most thought they had vanished – Witch Cross will take to the stage at the prestigious “Keep It True Festival” in Germany April 27th.   There will be 3 original members with new members British singer Kevin Moore and guitarist Torben Aalykke.  This is their classic song “Are you There”.


Music from Denmark – Volbeat

Volbeat are classified as a heavy metal band, but I would disagree with that.  Heavy metal is not my scene but I really enjoy this band and would put them more in the genre of alternative rock. They have released four albums and won numerous awards.  This is my favourite song by them “Fallen“.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, check out the German version in comments ( thx Xandi)

Music from the US – Ricky Nelson & George Lynch

Ricky Nelson, born in 1940 and already died in 1985, was an US-american folk, pop and country singer. Here’s the song “We Don’t Own This World“, together with George Lynch, an US-american hard rock and heavy metal guitar player:

Listen to Ricky Nelson’s song Garden Party too!