Music from the US – Vanna

This one is for fans of hardcore music! Vanna is a hardcore punk band from Boston.  The band formed in 2004 and have released four studio albums, the latest being A Few and Far Between which was released this week. This is their new single off the album, “Year of the Rat.”

Music from US / UK – Pure Love

Pure Love is a newly formed band by former Gallows frontman Frank Carter and ex Hope Conspiracy and Suicide File guitarist Jim Carroll.  The band falls under the gene of hardcore punk.  The band is set to release their debut album this year, but have so far released two singles as a taster.  The following video is their latest single “Handsome Devils Club”.

Music from US – The Casualties

One more Punk band from the US – the Casualties formed in 1990. Still they perform in the tradition  of english Hardcore Punk of the 80´s . This is also visible regarding their look ….. Here is their song “We are all we have”