Music from Spain – Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas, born in 1960, is a very popular spanish actor and singer. Here’s his nice song “Cancion Del Mariachi”:

Music from Kyrgyzstan- Kicking out the Komuz

The komuz is the national instrument of Kyrgyzstan. It is a plucked string instrument. I found this videoclip on YT and it´s really old (b/w) but a good example for Krygisian Komuz music and really amazing , i looked and heard it twice , really great and a good example for world music and here especially for this little unknown country .

Music from South Africa – Nibs van der Spuy

Nibs van der Spuy is an acoustic guitarist from South Africa.    His music is very versatile and he is able  to cross pollinate various musical styles, from, African, Classical, Celtic, World, Maskanda, Indian and folk.  This is his song “Beautiful Feet”.