Music from Portugal – Carlos do Carmo and Bernardo Sassetti

Carlos do Carmo, one of the historic names of fado, will receive  a Grammy for his work next November . The decision was taken unanimously by the Governing Council of the Latin Academy (Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) and was communicated directly to the singer on the afternoon of Monday, June 30, and announced on Tuesday officially to the press. It is the first time a Portuguese receive a Grammy.

This song, “Cantigas do Maio”, was written by José Afonso. The piano is played by Bernardo Sassetti, who sadly died 2 years ago.

Music from the US – Wilco

Wilco is an US-american alternative band from Chicago. They formed in 1994 after the breakup of the influential alternative country group Uncle Tupelo. Their album ‘A Ghost Is Born’, released in 2004 earned a grammy for the best alternative album in 2005. Listen to its song “At Least That’s What You Said”:

Music from the US – Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong,also known as Lint, born in 1965, is an US-american Gramm Award winning musician. His music is a great mix of ska, punk and reggae. Here’s his awesome good song “Into Action”:

Music from the US – Diane Schuur

Blinded at birth, jazz singer and pianist Diane Schuur used to hide in a closet as a child and sing to herself for comfort. Now, in addition to being a Grammy-winning musician, she is the first national spokesperson for the Los Angeles based Disability Rights Legal Center.

Music from Mexico – Los Tigros del Norte

Los Tigros Del Norte , a north-mexican band , they play the usual mexican music style named Norteñas or  Corridos also called  Narcocorridos. well known in Mexico but also in great parts of Latin-America and the US . Los Tigros del Norte has been founded in 1968 ; in 1988 and in 2007 they received the Grammy for latinamerican music , they´ve released already over 30 albums this is their song “Jefe de Jefes ”

Music from Spain – Pablo Alborán

Pablo Alborán, born in 1989, is a grammy awarded latin pop, flamenco and pop musician. Here’s his wonderful song “Perdóname“:

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