Music from Congo DR – Lumio

Born as Charles Bofossa, better known by his stage name, Lumino, is a Congolese (DRC) artist/songwriter and Record Producer. His sounds are really wonderful and his wonderful voice fits perfectly to his gospel songs and ballads. Have a listen to “Beyond all”:

Music from the US – Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, born in 1963, was an US-american soul, pop and gospel legend. She died exactly one year ago on February 11st in 2012 because of drugs. RIP. Listen to her nice song “One Moment in Time”:

Music from the US – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash(1932-2003) also known as Man in Black was a great country , gospel, blues, rock n’roll and folk musician from Arkansas, who would have celbrated his 80th birthday yesterday. I really love his music and have three of his CDs. Here’s on of my favourites from him, “Daddy Sang Bass“:

Music from the US – Whitney Houston †

I think everyone heard about Whitney Houston’s dead this morning. At all, she was born in 1963, and was an US-american soul, pop and gospel singer. A few years ago, she started using drugs(I really can’t understand why doing this!!!) and got many personal struggles. Here’s maybe her most famous song “I will always love you“:

So RIP. Whitney Houston!