Music from Poland – Favela Gold

Favela Gold is a polish DJ and prodcer originally from Łódź. Today, he’s living in Graz, Austria. Listen to his great piece “Life os such a gift” in a Neodisco Remix:

Try the Max Min Mix too!

Music from Germany – Thomzen

Thomzen is a producer from Munich, the captal of Bavaria. He released his first track “Goldregen” about one week ago. It’s really a nice one!!

Music from France – Joyce Jonathan

Hey what’s up with you? The number of visits is damn low…… But no worries about that, here’s a nice song called “L’heure avait sonné”, from Joyce Jonathan, a french pop singer. She was born in 1989, and released her first album in 2010, which went gold five months later!

This was a Music-Suggestion from Stan, thanks!