Music from the UK – Rosanna Lea

Rosanna Lea is a singer-songwriter from Cornwall, UK. Here is a live performance of her song “God-shaped Hole”.

“She plays guitar, ukulele and drums, crafting soulful songs about the real and the beautiful in both the everyday and profound aspects of life.”

You can listen to her other songs here.

Music from Burundi – John Bosco

John Bosco is a great and unknown guitarist from Burundi. Here’s one of his spiritual songs, “about the Trinity and his bitter sweet search for help from the Trinity in his own life, and how he never finds God where he searches, and when God shows up, it’s not as he expected”(Vimeo):

Music from Barbados – Rupee

Rupee, born in 1975, is a soca musiciand from Barbados, who was born to a german mother and a bajan father. Here’s his song “God Needed an Angel“:

Listen I’m a Bajan here

This was a Music-Suggestion from The Ultimate Lifestyle Blog, thanks!