Music from Algeria – Gnawa Diffusion

Gnawa Diffusion is a French-Algerian musical group created June 27, 1992 at Grenoble  around Amazigh Kateb, son of Algerian writer Kateb Yacine.
The texts of the group are in Arabic, French and English. The rhythms are very mixed race: a mix of rock, reggae, etc., and different music of Algeria as the styles Chaabi, Gnawa, etc..

Here is their song ” Saharagga” , the second one is a live clip

Music from Algeria – Djazia Satour

Djazia Satour, born December 9, 1980, is an Algerian singer living in France since 1990. Djazia Satour grew up in Algiers. She arrived in Grenoble in 1990. At age 15, she discovered the music studio and touring with the  band Gnawa Diffusion where she was active for 4 years in the choir. She was 19 years old when the band MIG establishes around her  voice. The adventure will last six years. ( Hope i´ve translated everything well from the french language , i´m really rusty in this point   :-) )

Here is her song ” Klami ”