Music from Hungary – Ando Drom

Ando Drom, are a roma gipsy ensemble from Hungary, founded in 1984. Listen to “Csi lav tu”, a nice piece from them!

Listen to “Phari Mamo” too!

Music from Germany – Das Blaue Einhorn

The German band “Das Blaue Einhorn” was founded 1991 in Dresden, they are playing Fado, Klezmer, Tango, Chansons, Rebetiko and Romani music. Here is their great song “La Rabouine”:

Music from France – Stephane Wrembel

Stephane Wrembel is a French jazz guitarist, now living in Brooklyn, Ney York. His music is a mix of jazz, gipsy and world music. Listen to his song “Bistro Fada”, the theme song of Midnight in Paris:

Music from US – The Underscore Orkestra

The Underscore Orkestra is one of the most peculiar style that i’ve heard. They play  a blend of Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy Jazz and Swing. How can it be possible?  Well, listen to ” Blue Draggish”.

Music from Lebanon – Ara Malikian

Ara Malikian is a lebanese violinist .  He  He gave his first concert at the age of 12, and today plays at  Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid. Listen him playing a gipsy song .

listen to his funny video, playing Canon in D, with the group Pagagnini.