Music from Norway – Anders Nilsen

Anders Nilsen is a Norwegian singer, producer and comedian. The song “Salsa Tequila” is the result of it: a dance beat within some non-sens made up a #1 hit! As he says himself he doesn’t speak spanish – he just mixes different words. Very nice one, with a great cover potential!

An official Dutch parody:

And a Sander Hoogendoorn cover:

Music from Norway – Norwegian Recycling

This is already the 3rd Norwegian Recycling song. They are a fun and mashup band from Norway best known for their song compilations. Listen to their great song “9 Songs To Save The World”:

Music from Brazil – Marcos e Matheus Castro


Today the song is for gamers. Marcos e Matheus are brothers and they make funny songs for you tube, they are very popular in Brazil. Listen to ” A Lenda do Herói”, a story about a hero ( you can read the english subtitles).