Music from Germany – Fatlaces

Fatlaces is a german funk pop band. I’ve once already presented their song Tulips and now want to show you their brand-new music video “Paper Clown”:

Thanks for this suggestion Alexander Nutz!

Music from the UK – The Heavy

No, The Heavy, a british band has nothing to do with heavy metal. Their music is a mix of neo-soul, indie, funk and blues. They formed in 2007, and are known for their heavy neo guitar sounds. Listeb to their great song “And When I Die”:

Music from Belgium – Think Of One

Think Of One are a belgian funk, afro and jam band from Antwerp. Listen to “Um Paletó”:

Music from Portugal – The Black Mamba

“The Black Mamba” is the name of the trio –  Pedro Tatanka (vocals and guitar), Ciro Cruz (bass) and Miguel Casais (drummer).

“The Black Mamba”, the first album of originals, was released on May 7. “It ain’t you” is the debut single.

Music from Portugal – Cais do Sodré Funk Connetion

As a reference the music scene from Lisbon, Cais Sodré Funk Connection born in the heart of the bohemian neighborhood that gives them the name.

Funk and soul fans, the band dedicated to recreating the sound and atmosphere of classic Motown, Stax, Chess Records and other labels of the mythical 60’s and 70’s, with the dedication and energy of a real celebration.

I wish you like!

Music from the US – Raul Midon

The New Mexico-born, New York-based Raul Midón makes his recording debut with State of Mind (2005) , on Manhattan Records. The 13 song collection of Midón originals is a mix of soul, R&B, pop, folk, jazz and Latin. Midón, who has been blind since birth and is the son of an African American mother and an Argentinean father, lists such musical influences as Stevie Wonder, Richie Havens,and Jose Feliciano. (Youtube)

Very interesting also , his acappella elements in his songs

Here is his song “State of mind ”

Music from Austria – The Royal Drive Affair

These musicians from Austrian founded 2003, play a special Funk and Mod Jazz , they explain it on their homepage   :An introduction to one of the nicest things in life was not the only common subject in movies like “Barbarella” “Deep Throat” or the German “Schulmädchenreport”. Without the music these movies would not be any fun at all. The “Royal Drive Affair” takes these erotic and brilliant Funky Tunes from the 60ies and 70ies to the dance floors from Vienna to Munich. These six musicians from Upper Austria celebrate the finest Mod Jazz with outstanding brilliance. Here is their song “All Pink”

Music from Canada – Mr. Something Something

Mr. Something Something is a Canadian Afro-Funk, band. Here’s their nice song “Sound the Alarm”:

So much thanks fur this suggestion Pocket Alchemy!