Music from Canada – Coeur de pirate // Indie Pop

Coeur de pirate (engl. heart of a pirate) is an indie pop musician from Québec. Listen to her cover of “Mistra Gagnat”:

Listen to the original song by Renaud Séchan here

Music from Canada – Les Charbonniers de L’Enfer

Les Charbonniers de L’Enfer (in english: The little coal miners from Hell) are a canadian acadian folk music group known for a capella music. Listen to their song “Les Jour d’la Semaine”:

Music from Romania – Phoenix

Transsylvania Phoenix, but usually only called Phoenix, is a Romanian band. The members consist of Nicu Covaci, Josef Kappl, Mircea Baniciu, Ovidiu Lipan, Mani Neumann, Cristi Gram and Ionuţ Cons. The romanian answer to “Jethro Tull ” . And a really curious story behind: Frontman Covaci 1974 went into exile in Amsterdam and renounced Romanian citizenship. In 1977, he helps his bandmates to seek refuge in “Marshall” speakers from Romania to German exile. Here is their song : Norocul inogului (part in french and in romanian language )

Monoceros est beste,
un cor at en la teste.
Pur ço issi at nun,
de bouquet at façon.

Par une pulcele est prise,
or oyez en quelle guise.

De o copilă e prins,
Inorogul prinţ,
De o copilă e prins,
Licornul prinţ.

Ea cu sânii în floare şi dulce,
mi-l adastă ca pe un stăpân.
El aleargă-ntr-un suflet să-şi culce,
mândrul cap pe-al ei galeş sân.

Capu-n poala ei bine nu-şi pune,
că-mi adoarme ca un prunc.
Vânătorul atunci îl răpune,
mi-l răpune în veşted crâng.

Aşa-i ucis în somn,
Inorogul domn!
Aşa-i ucis în somn,
Licornul domn!

En son devan se dort
issi vient a sa mort.
En son devan se dort
issi vient a sa mort.




Music from Germany – Lolita Jolie

Lolita Jolie is a german singer from Munich, singing in French. Here’s her song “Joli Garcon”:

And a remix:


Music from DRCongo – Alicios Theluji

Alice Niyonsaba  known as Alicios Theluji born in 1987, at Nyanzale in the Province of Kivu in the DRCongo. She sings in English, Swahili, Lingala and French. Here performing with Juliana Kanyomozi from Uganda. Enjoy “Mpita Njia”

Music from DR Congo – Makoma

Makoma is an award-winning Christian, pop, R&B and dance musical group from Kinshasa, DRCongo based in the Netherlands. Made up of 6 siblings and a non-family member. Sing in Lingala, English, French, Dutch and German. Here is their song “Evolution”