Music from the US – Stone Sour

Stone Sour is an american alternative metal band, formed in 1992. Listen to their nice song “Through Glass”:


Music from the US – Mark Goffeney

Mark Goffeney, born in 1969, best known as ‘Big Toe’, born without arms, is best known for playing the guitar with his feet. I think this is absolutely amazing what he does. Listen to him playing a Red Hot Chili Peppers song:

Music from the US – Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen, born in 1979, is a californian  folk musician. Here’s his nice song “Heaven”:


Music from the US – Reel Big Fish

Reel Big Fish is an US-american ska punk band from California, active since 1992. Here’s their song “Beer”, hope you like it…


Music from Poland – Vino

Vino is a polish pop band. Here’s their song “Come In My Heart”:

This was a Music-Suggestion from geleselibero, thanks!


Music from the US – Jack Johnson

ack Johnson is an American folk rock singer-songwriter, surfer and musician. Here’s his song “Banana Pancakes“:

Listen to Flake