Music from India – Punkh

Punkh, formed in 2003 in Germany are an Indian ‘World-Rock-Metal’ and Experimental band from New Dehli. They recently released their new E.P titled “Karmah”, which was recorded, produced and mastered in Germany by one of Europe’s leading Under-ground Nu-Metal/Nu-Wave producers: Markcus Tescke. Take a listen to their nice EP!

Music from Germany – Kellerkommando

A special one today: Kellerkommando is a german experimental band, mixing frankish folk music with rap from Schokk a russian rapper by David Saam. Now, Schokk left the band to start a solo career, and was replaced by Ali A$. I’m now following this band for about two or three years, and it’s always great to listen to their funny rhymes. Here, you can listen to the great result live in Mexico:

Here’s a great german docu about them:

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