Music from Estonia – Ruja

Ruja was one of the foremost Estonian rock bands of the 1970s and 1980s. The name of the band comes from a neologism “ruja”, for science fiction, though there are people who believe that “ruja” is actually made up of the first letters of the band’s important members(R – Rein Rannap, U – Urmas Alender, J – Jaanus Nõgisto and A – Andrus Vaht). The band released their first and self-titled album in 1979. Many of the original melodies of Ruja were composed by Rein Rannap. here is their song “Teisel Pool Vett ”

On September 28, 1994, the band’s lead singer, Urmas Alender, died when his car sank with the passenger ferry M/S Estonia. After Alender’s funeral concert a couple of days later, the remaining members of the band decided never to perform under the name of “Ruja” again.

Music from Estonia – Vinger Singer

Singer Vinger is an Estonian punk rock band(til today ) . It was founded in 1986, before that being named Pära Trust (Backside trust, 1979–83), Turist(Tourist, 1983–84) and Aken (Window) among others; the name Singer Vinger was picked by authorities, because “Turist” was deemed inappropriate by the Soviet Estonian ministry of culture. Its leader, songwriter and singer is and has been throughout the name changes Hardi Volmer. Main themes in band’s songs are social-critic irony and humour.(wiki)

Here is their song “Massikommunikatsion” i don´t have to translate , hmmm ??

Music from Estonia – Virmalised

Virmalised , the word in Estonia for the Northern Lights or aurora borealis , was a rockband in Estonia formed in 1965 to play mostly foreign songs (The Beatles and other popular bands) Here is their song Naer