Music from Madagascar – Erick Manana & Jenny Fuhr

Erick Manana is an acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter from Madagascar. He often performs in a duo or as a solo artist, singing in accompaniment to his acoustic guitar in the ba-gasy genre that gained prominence in the central highlands of Madagascar in the 1930s.The composer, guitarist and singer Erick Manana is one of the stalwart of the music scene of Madagascar. For decades, he’s a star in his homeland and popular worldwide in the Malagasy diaspora.Rootsworld described Manana as the “Bob Dylan of Madagascar”


“Ny 2 CV on-dRandria” titled Erick Manana his praises of Tanas resourceful taxi driver who in decrepit, leaky tin boxes their passengers with wit, heart and skill (and downhill mostly idle) chauffeured through the capital.

in duet with the german Jenny Fuhra who accompanied him on the violin