Music from DRCongo – Alicios Theluji

Alice Niyonsaba  known as Alicios Theluji born in 1987, at Nyanzale in the Province of Kivu in the DRCongo. She sings in English, Swahili, Lingala and French. Here performing with Juliana Kanyomozi from Uganda. Enjoy “Mpita Njia”

Music from DR Congo – Makoma

Makoma is an award-winning Christian, pop, R&B and dance musical group from Kinshasa, DRCongo based in the Netherlands. Made up of 6 siblings and a non-family member. Sing in Lingala, English, French, Dutch and German. Here is their song “Evolution”

Music from France – Dub Incorporation

Updated one:

Today I present you the Reggae band Dub Inc(orporation) from St.Etienne, France. Their styles are dancehall, dub, rap and ska influenced by Arab and African music. They are singing their songs in Kabyle, French, Arabic and English. Here’s their song “Tout ce qu’ils veulent“: