Music from the UK – The Special A.K.A.

The Special A.k.A. are a 2-Tone Ska band from the UK. They have been formed by Jerry Dammers after 1981  , a former member of The Specials . With “Free Nelkson Mandela ” they had a Number 1 Hit

Here is a video of an early rehearsal of this song with an introduction by Jerry Dammers – ” Dammers Good !!!!”

By the way “Happy 95th birthday Nelson ” !! X

You know today is Nelson Mandela day , take 67 minutes to help your neighbour , really a good action !

Free Nelson Mandela is a song by Jerry Dammers, that was recorded by  his band The Special AKA . Free Nelson Mandela was released in 1984 and is a protest song against the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela. The song is an uptempo rock song with lots of influences from the South African music. The single release reached # 9 on the UK charts and, in some countries such as New Zealand, a number-one hit, but also in Africa, the song was very popular.