Music from Germany – Stolen Dance

Stolen Dance is a german alternative pop duo mixing their songs with reggae and electronical elements. They formed in 2012 and consist of Clemens Rehbein (vocals/music) and Philipp Dausch (DJ). Listen to their awesome song “Stolen Dance”:

Music from the US – Flagship Romance

Flagship Romance is an independent folk and pop music dup from Florida. Yesterday they released their new single “Hit the ground”, really a nice one. Very romantic :)

Music from Greece – Livin R & K Mass

Livin R & K Mass are a greek house and lounge producing duo from Athens. Listen to their damn awesome good chilled remix of “Midnigh Summer Dream”:

Music from Germany – Mrs. Greenbird

Mrs. Greenbird is a pop folk duo from germany, they ´ve won the german  talent competition “X-Factor ” in 2012. The duo consist of Sarah Nücken (vocals ) and Steffen Brückner (guitar/vocals) .They´ve released an album in 2012 ( which was completely sold out in our region before christmas )  Here is their song

“Shooting Stars and Fairy Tales ”

Music from Germany/Austria – Keiner mag Faustmann

Keiner mag Faustmann is an german-austrian duo from Vienna. They got popular in 2012 with their song “Wien – Berlin”, which reached #16 in the austrian single charts:

Music from the US – the Civil Wars

Civil Wars a folk duo from Nashville , consisting of John Paul White and Joy Williams founded 2009. Here is their  cover of Michael Jacksons – Billie Jean