Music from Germany – Rakede

Rakede a band from Berlin founded 2006 released a new single with the name “Jetzt gehst du weg ” (Now you are leaving ) a pop piece with Reggae, Hip Hop and  Dub influences

Music from Germany – Charlies Choice

Charlies Choice , a band from germany , playing a crossover of ska, reggae and balkan rhythmns

they won the third plaxe at the 2010 Planet Pop Contest

Here are their songs Balkanese (live ) and “Don´t be scared ”


Music from Jamaica – Winston McAnuff

Winston McAnuff, also known under the stage name Electric Dread, (born 1957, in Mandeville) is a Jamaican singer and composer of reggae- and dub music. McAnuff was born in a family of preachers. He started his musical career, singing gospels in the church choir.

Although McAnuff had reasonable fame in Jamaica, none of his work was released elsewhere. It took til 2002 that his work was released in Europe. In 2002 the French record label Makasound released the first two albums and acompilation album Diary of the silent years. The release of the albums revived McAnuff’s career, notably in France. (wikipedia) 

Music from the UK – Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart with Sinead o Connor

After i´ve introduced Jah Wobble to you , it´s needful to show you also this track in coperation with the beautyful Sinead

and this one with his band Invaders of the Heart



Music from Israel – Fools of Prophecy

Shotei Ha’nevua, also known as Fools of Prophecy was a music group frim Israel which was selected as Band of the Year 2005 in Israel. Their songs are a great mix from Dub, Reggae and dance. Here’s a great remix by DJ Oliver Van hammee of their song “Kol Galgal”:

Music from the UK – Dub Pistols

The Dub Pistols are a London based dub, ska and electronica band. Here’s their nice song “Back to Daylight”:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Romain, thanks!