Music from the UK – Calumma Amber

Calumma Amber is a singer and producer from London. She’s writing downtempo melodic electronic music mixed with chilled voices and African percussion . Listen to her song “LIELIELIELIELIELIELIELOW“, part of her brand new album Aja:

Music from Iceland – Beatmaking Troopa

Music from Iceland is always worth listening! For sure, Beatmaking Troopa is a downtempo, nu-jazz and electronica producer. Listen to his awesome relaxing “Let it all fall down”:

Music from Sweden – Little Dragon

Little Dragon, formed in 1996, is a swedish electronic band. They released three albums so far. Here’s their relaxing song “Twice”:

Music from the US – Thievery Corporation

The Thievery Corporation is a Washington DC based electronica and downtempo duo. Here’s their nice song “Slow Hot Wind“:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Marcos, thanks!

Music from the US – Zane Tate

Zane Tate is an US-american producer who mixes instrumental Hip Hop with Downtempo and Nu Jazz sounds. Here’s his nice song “Hearts and Minds“: