Music from France – Space

Space , a Electro Disco Pop band founded 1977 with their number one hit “Magic Fly” , video clip is the original one but digitally remastered with better sound. They sold over 10 million records til 1981. From the 4 members one is named as the head of the band – Didier Marouani .

Music from Germany – Dschingis Khan

Dschingis Khan was a german disco pop band, formed in 1979. Their single “Moskau” was a #1 in Austria for six weeks. Here’s a nice mix:


Music from US – Donna Summer R.I.P 17.05.2012

Donna Summer , the Queen of Disco Music died today at the age of 63 in the United States , Key West , Miami . In the 70´s she released Hits like “Hot Stuff”, “Last Dance”, “Love To Love You Baby”, “She Works Hard For The Money” and “Bad Girls” . She influenced later Stars as Madonna and Michael Jackson with her sound.

Music from the US – Grace Jones

Grace Jones, born in 1948, is a jamaican american singer. Here’s the nice song “Slave to the Rhythm“:

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Music from Venezuela – Los Amigos Invisibles

Los Amigos Invisibles, formed in 1991 is a Venezuelan band performing disco, acid jazz and funk mixed with Latin rhythms. Here’s their song “Mentiras“:

Here’s an alternative video

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Music from the UK- Smokie

Smokie is a great band that had huge success in Europe in the ’70s and are still going today.  They have released over 25 albums.  This is their famous single, Living Next Door to Alice from 1977.

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