Music from Cuba – Buena Fe

Buena Fe (english: Good Faith) is a pop music duo, formed in 1999, in Cuba. So far Israel Rojas Fiel and Yoel Martínez Rodríguez released seven studio albums. Listen to their nice song “Volar Sin Tin” featuring Andres Suarez:

Music from the US – Eddie Palmieri

Eddie Palmieri (* December 15, 1936 in New York City) is an American pianist and orchestra leader.  He is considered one of the pioneers of Latin American, Cuban and Afro-Cuban jazz, and also plays the  salsa.

Here is his song “Cafe”

Music from Iceland – Latínudeildin

Latínudeildin is an icelandic award winning band, founded in 1993. For me it’s absolutely great, that they make romantic latin music as an Icelandic band! Listen to their great song “Havana” from their album Latin Faculty:

Music from Kuba – Orishas

Orishas – one of the best known modern  cuban musicgroups also called “Buena Vista Youngster Club” (according to Buena Vista Social Club ) Their music is therefor a mix of traditional music like the cuban son and modern dance music .

here a rather modern version

Music from Germany/Bavaria – Die Cuba Boarischen

Die Cuba Boarischen are another group performing a new kind of bavarian folk music. Their name is also their kind of music, so they perform bavarian music mixed with cuban rythms. In 2000, their leader Herbert Meixner, and his group passed their holidays in Cuba. But already in the first night, they spoke with a Cubano, and came to the idea to perform Cuban-Bavarian music. Listen to “Auf’m Berg und im Tal”:

Music from Cuba – Israel “Cachao” Lopez

Israel “Cachao” López ( September 14, 1918 – March 22, 2008), often known as Cachao, was a Cuban musician and composer who helped popularize mambo in the United States in the early 1950s.He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, won several Grammy Awards, and has been described as “the inventor of the mambo”.He is considered a master of descarga (Latin jam sessions).

His greatest compositions are “Mambo” and El Pueblo Nuevo and El social Club de Bienavista (the last two can be heard on the record “Buena Vista Social Club”)

Here is his song “Si me pudieras querer ” ( Oh it´ SO WONDERFUL  !!!!!! )

Music from Cuba – Silvio Rodríguez

Silvio Rodríguez, born in 1946, is a cuban musician. He’s best known as leader of the nueva trova movement and as folk singer. Here’s his great song “Ojalá”: