Music from the US – Stuart Hamblen

 Stuart Hamblen (1908-1989) was an US-American country musician from Texas. Born as Carl  Stuart Hamblen, he became one of the first singing cowboys in the radio in 1926. Listen to his nice song “This Old House”:

Music from the US – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash , born 26. Februar 1932 as J. R. Cash in Kingsland, Arkansas, USA; † 12. September 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, died 10 years ago , this was one of his favourite songs – Meet me in heaven

Music from the US – George Jones R.I.P.

George Jones (born 12 September 1931 in Saratoga, Texas, † April 26, 2013 in Nashville ) was an American country musician. He was considered one of the best singers that has ever spawned the genre. He died yesterday at the age of 81.

Here is his song “White lightning ”

Music from the US – Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, born in 1946, is an US-american singer songwriter from Sevierville. She’s a real legend in country and pop music and composed more than 3,000 songs so far. Listen to her classic “Jolene”:

Listen to the great mix from Dadoni & Gamper:

And, last but not least, a Miley Cyrus Version. Actually the best I heard from her ;)

Music fom Canada/Somalia – K’naan

I already often blogged some K’naan songs. He’s a somali musician who escaped to Canada while there was a civil war in Somalia. He will release a new album called COUNTRY, GOD OR THE GIRL next Tuesday! Here’s his song “Is anybody out there”, featuring Nelly Furtado.

And a great cover by Savannah Outen, Jake Coco & Caitlin Hart:

Music from the UK – Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons are a British folk rock band. The band consists of Marcus Mumford (vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboards, accordion, drums), Country Winston Marshall (vocals, banjo, dobro, guitar), and Ted Dwane (vocals, string bass, drums, guitar). This is an amazing music video by Ben Magahy for their song “The Cave”.

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Music from Germany – The BossHoss

The BossHoss is a band from Berlin, named after the song “The Real BossHoss” by The Sonics. They started covering Pop-Songs in a country music style. By now rhythm guitarist Hoss Power writes most of the songs, just like their so far most popular single “Don’t Gimme That”.