Music from South Africa – Hugh Masekela

Hugh Masekela, born in 1939, is a musician from South Africa. He is known as one of the most popular jazz and world music pioneers from South Africa. Listen to his piece “Don’t Go Lose It Baby”:

Thanks for this suggestion, thesonnyone!

Music from the US – All Her Exes

All Her Exes is an US-american alternative band. Listen to their song “Chained”:

Christmas Songs: Music from the US – James Apollo

James Apollo, born in 1984, is an US-american singer from Arkansas. Listen to his nice christmas song “Ho Ho, Ho Hum”:

Movie from South Africa – The Gods Must Be Crazy

Don’t know anything about the South African comedy ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’, but its soundtrack is great! Listen to “Music of the Gods” by John Boshoff, as the first title of the playlist:

Music from Austria – DJ Ötzi

Actually I’m not a fan of DJ Ötzi, born as Gerhard Friedle, from Austria. He’s well known as pop musician, entertainer and comedian. But his classic “Anton Aus Tirol”, is always funny, and a typical winter song for an Après Ski Party:

Music from Bavaria/Germany – Willi Astor

Willi Astor, born in 1961, is a bavarian componist, musician and kabarett musician from Munich. Here’s his great song “Ein Ski”, containing many well-known songs. Like it!