Music from the US – Joshua Radin // Acoustic/ Folk

Joshua Radin, born in 1974, is an US-american acoustic and folk musician from Cleveland. Listen to his great song “They Bring Me To You”:

Music from the US – Bone Thugs n Harmony

Bone Thugs N Harmony is a US Hip Hop Band founded 1992 in Cleveland /US . They have  become famous through their second album “1999 Eternal ” which has been 8 weeks Number 1 in the US charts . The americans ( and me too ) loved this mix of harmonic soul and fast rap combined with spiritual and religious lyrics. Here is their song “Tha Crossroads ”

Music from the U.S. – Joshua Radin

Today, and yesterday, it was very cold here, it was snowing, raining, etc., so I present you the adapted song “Winter“, from Joshua Radin, an acoustic and folk musician from Cleveland, Ohio. This song is also known from the TV series”Scrubs “….

It was a music suggestion from “Dayyan“: