Music from Germany – KlangKuenstler

Michael Korb alias KlangKuenstler is a bavarian electronic music producer. Listen to his nice song “Darling” including a great oldschool video:

Music from Middle-earth – Thorin and the Dwarves

I just came back from watching “The Hobbit” and I really liked the dwarves’ song… So here it is! It’s a pretty long edit, but the song is amazing and I could listen to it even longer. ;)

The song is called “Misty Mountains (Cold)” and was composed by Howard Shore, written by J. R. R. Tolkien, and is sung by Thorin and the dwarves in the film.

And here is “May it be” by Enya. I thought this shouldn’t miss when writing about the Lord of the Rings. :)

Music from Portugal – Rodrigo Leão & Cinema Ensemble

Rodrigo Leão is a Portuguese musician and composer from Lisbon. Here’s his song “Histórias, Vida Tão Estranha & A Corda“, with the Cinema Ensemble:

Graças a was Marília again, who told me this song as Music-Suggestion!