Music from Australia – CHeeZ (Anthony Chessells)

Found this producer on SoundCloud, and really like his song “Going with the Flow”. Relax!

Music from Germany – Xandixx

Yeah, again my next own new little piece. Called it “A break from life”, thanks for the idea Emre. It’s more a chillout song, makes me dreaming!


Music from Iceland – Beatmaking Troopa

Music from Iceland is always worth listening! For sure, Beatmaking Troopa is a downtempo, nu-jazz and electronica producer. Listen to his awesome relaxing “Let it all fall down”:

Music from Germany – Xandixx

Hehe, my second one. Very similar to “Steps” so I called it “Steps 25”, but it’s a different style.

Music from Germany – Xandixx

Hehe, as you’ve seen I created my first little track. I thought Xandixx would be a nice name: strong as the Gauls, and including Xandi. And the best: the name wasn’t used often so far! Xandixx was born in 1995 and still likes sport! ;)
So I’m just a hobby producer, and want to share my sounds with you. I called it “Steps” and would be so glad if you’d share!!

Music from Chile/US- Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar (January 10, 1990 in New York City) is a Chilean-American musician and rising star in the electronic music scene. His father is the visual artist Alfredo Jaar.

Music from France/Finland – Örsten

Örsten is a French-Finnish musician. He released his first album ‘Cutworks’ by Pschent in 2011. His music could be described as chillout mixed with hip-hop beats. Here’s his great song “Fleur Blanche”:

Music from Germany – Robert Owl

Don’t known more about Robert Owl, but his chill out tracks are amazing. Listen to “Jacob’s Ladder”:

Music from Germany – Talul

Talul is a music solo solo project of Feras Kabbara from Dresden, Germany. This project started in June 2012. The music could be described as Electro chillout. Listen to his edit of Xavier Rudd’s “Follow The Sun”: