Music from Germany – Xandixx

Yeah, again my next own new little piece. Called it “A break from life”, thanks for the idea Emre. It’s more a chillout song, makes me dreaming!


My first little track for You

These days, I’m working with Fl Studio and learning more and more! Listen to my first little track “Steps”. Nothing special, just a basic chill song.

Music from Germany – Nicone & Sascha Braemer

Nicone and Sascha Braemer are an electronic duo from Berlin, Germany. Here’s their nice song “Caje”. You’ll like it ;)

Music from Germany – Leo Schubert

Leo Schubert is a friend from Holzkirchen, Germany. Today, he introduced me into his first songs, created on an iPod Touch. Here’s his nice chillstep song “Chill1”: