Music from the world – Children Beyond (with TINA TURNER, REGULA CURTI, DECHEN SHAK-DAGSAY)

Together with 30 children from different cultures and nations, the three singers have recorded sung versions of twelve prayers and mantras from the religions Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism
The three singers and the children interpret the affirming formulae of all world religions with the message «We are all one!»


Here is one of the songs “Jai Da Da ”

Music from Angola – Ruy Mingas

Angolan vocalist and guitar player, Ruy Mingas is one of his homeland’s most famous musician and performer.

I tried to hear this song sung by a Portuguese singer (Paul Carvalho) and I discovered that this is the original version.

I was looking for this song: “Os Meninos do Huambo”. It’s a song about the discovery of freedom for these children,  Huambo’s children.


Music from New Caledonia – Gulaan

Gulaan from New Caledonia startet performing music in the young age of eleven. Here’s his nice song “Mon petit garçon”, in english: my little son/boy:

Music from Switzerland – Robert Miles

I didn’t notice that our neighbour country Switzerland was missing so far. Maybe nearly all of you know this great song called “Children“, by Robert Miles, a swiss pop, jazz, electronica and alternative musician and DJ born in 1969: