Music from the UK – Jah Wobble

Jah Wobble (born August 11, 1958 in London, real name John Joseph Wardle) is a British musician, record producer and owner of the record company 30 Hertz Records. John Lydon (Ex Sex Pistols ) recruited him in the late 80´s for his project PIL (Public Image Ltd.) later he worked together with the german band “Can”  and afterwards he founded “The Invaders form  the Heart “. He combined  now world music and reggae with pop elements, and thus had from 1990 to 1994 in the UK commercial success.

here is his song l1/tibetan little girl / Solitude (three of them )

Music from Germany – Can

Can (The Can until 1970) ,one of the most important bands of the krautrock movement,  was an experimental rock band founded in Germany in 1968.

If the sounds lived on different “musical planets”, this song would be a trip of several of them. I liked the passage by the “bossa nova” style.

“Future Days”