Music from Brazil – Cazuza


Cazuza was a composer and singer, he died in 1990, but still an important name of brazilian music. Enjoy  “Todo Amor que Houver nessa Vida” when he was vocal in the rock band Barão Vermelho, and listen to his solo song “Codinome Beija-Flor”.

Music from Brazil – Raul Seixas

Raul Seixas is a funny phenomenon. You can hear people screaming in any kind of musical event ” Toca Raul” which means “Play Raul”, all the musicians of Brazil know play one or two songs of Raul Seixas. And why is that?

Raul Seixas is the father of brazilian rock, and that’s why. His lyrics talk about world , God, social values and about ourselves. He and Paulo Coelho ( brazilian writer) used to creat the songs together. I hope you enjoy ” Metamorfose Ambulante” , a song that talks about our mind, body and spiritual changes.