Music from Jamaica – Lee “Scratchy” Perry

Lee “Scratch” Perry (actually Rainford Hugh Perry) (born 20 March 1936 in Kendal, Jamaica) is a Jamaican record producer and one of the most influential figures in the development of reggae, ska and dub especially in Jamaica. He became known primarily for his eccentric nature, and by his most daring use of effects and mixer. Lloyd Bradley wrote of him, “Lee” Scratch “Perry is the Salvador Dali of the Dub.

He also worked together with Bob Marley , here is his song “Soul Rebel ”

and one of his typical songs

Music from the UK/US – Joe Strummer & Johnny Cash

Today is cover day , i found this one after i´ve posted the Bob Marley Heavy Metal remake ( see the post before) one of my most beloved Marley Songs the “Redemption Song ” performed by Joe Strummer ( The Clash ) and the  unforgotten Johnny Cash .

Music from Jamaica – Bob Marley

This must be really Love ; when i heard this track for the first time , excuse me when i saw it , i thought at first, another remix that the world really doesn´t need , but at the end i love it , that shoots BOB  right into the heights  of the heavy Metal Heaven

you gonna love it – this is love ! (i dont think it´s a blasphemy) Bob the King of Metal Reggae

Music from Russia – Inna Zhelannaya

Inna Zhelannaya began her career as a rock musician with the group Alliance, which for many years represented the best of what Russia had to offer in terms of rock and pop.
In 1994 she assembled her own band and recorded VODOROSL (sea grass), her first CD. In the same year, one of her songs – “Tolko s Toboi” (Only You) – was included in the “One World”-compilation (Putumayo) alongside recordings by Peter Gabriel, Youssou N’ Dour, the Gypsy Kings, Bob Marley and others. In that connection she toured the U. S., took part in the ONE WORLD-festival in Washington, gave concerts in New York and other East Coast cities and represented Russia 1996 at the major world music event accompanying the Olympic Games in Atlanta.(Jaro )

Here is her song “Winter ” incredible voice and extraordinary music

Music from Australia – Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd, one of my favourite musicians, is an australian musician and digeridoo player from Torquay, Victoria. Here’s his awesome cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry“:

Listen to his other songs here too!

Music from Jamaica – Bob Marley dubstep cover

This is a dubstep remix of Bob Marley’s “Sun Is Shining“, which is plenty good. But of course, I prefer the real Bob Marley ;)

This was a Music-Suggestion from Luigi, thanks ;)

Music from Jamaica – Bob Marley

Today, Bob Marley would have celebrated his 67th birthday, but he already died in 1981. To early for sure! Here’s my favourite song from him, “No Women, No Cry“:

Listen to Stir it up and the Redemption Song too!

R.I.P. Bob Marley!