Music from Germany – Mirco Niemeier

Mirco Niemeier is a german DJ and producer from Berlin. Listen to his great mix of “Halt Mich” originally by Philipp Poisel:

Music from Germany – City

City is a german band, formed in 1972 in eastern Berlin in the DDR. The had a great success with their nice piece “Am Fenster”, in 1977:

Music from Germany – Mirco Niemeier

Mirco Niemeier is a german DJ and producer from Berlin. His mix of “Vapour” by Aleah is so awesome good!

Music from Germany – Werner Lämmerhirt

Werner Lämmerhirt, born in 1949 in Berlin, is a german guitarist who is known for spreading the fingerstyle technic. Here’s his nice song “Ich denke oft an Abbygale”:

Music from Germany – Samsara Blues Experiment

Samsara Blues Experiment – founded 2007 in Berlin Germany by lead guitarist Christian Peters . Wow , powerful rock music a la Black Sabbath , really AWESOME , great power , as if these guys are living in a different time , you gotta hear this Midnight Boogie , great sound . This clip has been released 15-10-2012 on youtube , i don´t worry that they will get soon more views – i´m wordless

Here ´s their song “Midnight Boogie ”

Music from Germany/Austria – Keiner mag Faustmann

Keiner mag Faustmann is an german-austrian duo from Vienna. They got popular in 2012 with their song “Wien – Berlin”, which reached #16 in the austrian single charts:

Music from Germany – the Planeausters

A friend of mine presented me yesterday this group from Berlin – the Planeausters – he knows most of them from their time in a smaller town called Balingen. The Planeausters have been formed 1998 and released already several  albums , this song was from their debut album “How i lost my fear of flying ” and the song s called “Heroine ” – they call their music style “Film noir Rock style ” ( the video  clips fits to this explanation )

Music from Germany/Uk – Peaches

And now something political :Berlin, August 8th 2012: About 400 people joined Peaches on the street to show support for the members of Russian conceptual art punk activist band, Pussy Riot, 3 of which are on trial for performing a “punk prayer” against President Vladimir Putin.  In addition, people from all over the world have contributed their own mini-protest videos calling for the release of Pussy Riot.

Please forgive me-  first of all,  as a religious man, i was in doubt about Pussy Riots “Punk prayer” in a church i don´t know wheather it´s the right place for political protest , but the reaction of the russian government seemed to be too hard for me on the other side, up to 7 years prison for that ??  . In my opinion this blog  should notbe  political nor religious , but in the name of justice is ask Mr. Putin to free Pussy Riot !