Music from Portugal – António Zambujo

António Zambujo grown in the Alentejo, where he began studying clarinet at the Conservatory Regional. He was eight years old. Upon finishing the clarinet studies, went to Lisbon, where he was accepted at the renowned Club Fado in Alfama, Lisbon, directed by Mario Pacheco, interpreter and composer of the Portuguese guitar.
He was selected by Filipe La Féria to play the role of Francisco Cruz, Amalia’s first husband, in the musical “Amália”.

I chose this beautiful love song called “Zorro”

Music from Portugal – Virgem Suta

Virgem Suta is another portuguese banda formed by Nuno Figueiredo and Jorge Benvinda . Manuela Azevedo, the Clã’s singer, also sings in this song .
This video was made in the region where i live, Alentejo. This is the landscape that surrounds me in the summer, if i walk a few km

The song “Linhas Cruzadas”