Music from Greece – DJ Angelo

DJ Angelo started his DJ journey in the age of 16. His talent of mixing and producing nice relaxed house sounds has propelled him into being a prominent and well – known name in the house music scene not only in his home country, Greece, but internationally as well. Listen to this awesome ‘DJ Angelo Fantasy’ Remix’ of “Africa” from Melissa Nkonda:

Music from France/Finland – Örsten

Örsten is a French-Finnish musician. He released his first album ‘Cutworks’ by Pschent in 2011. His music could be described as chillout mixed with hip-hop beats. Here’s his great song “Fleur Blanche”:

Music from Germany – Ego vs. Emo

Ego vs. Emo – what a great title for an electronic music group!! They are a rising Electro-Klezmer duo from Göttingen, Germany. I think as a fan of World Music and electronical beats, this is exactly what we need!

“Mixing electronical beats with some klezmer and balkan beats makes their music incredible unique and good!”

Listen to their absolutely awesome good piece “Nr.10“, really one of the best things I listened to this year.

Music from the US – Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights is an US-american electronic music artist, active since 2006. Here’s his creative nice song “High School Art Class”: