Music from Angola – Dontana

Dontana is a singer, songwriter, percussionist and composer from Angola, now living in Bavaria, Germany. After several years of singing in a choir and learning to play new instruments, he created his own sytle of music: a mix of traditional and modern African music. Have a listen to his great song “Tadi ko“:

Music from Bavaria/Germany – Zwoastoa

First at all, we’re a bit sorry not to post often these days, but I’m still very busy. Zwoastoa is a great bavarian group from southern munich. They are known for a great mix of reggae, electro and party in the bavarian dialect! Listen to their nice song “Schee is”:

Music from Germany – Zither Manä

Zither Manä, born as Manfred Zick is a bavarian zither player, born in 1947. He’s one of the greatest musicians in the nearest area around our village. Listen to him playing Pink Floyd on the Zither:

11 Questions to Konschti from Aural Pleasure

Hey! Today, we’ve something special for you: 11 questions to Konschti from Aural Pleasure, one of the greatest and most relaxed YouTube channels. He’s a young bavarian fan of chilled music and promotes artists one his channel. Have a look to his playlist:

1. Hey Konschti, why did you start the channel aural pleasure?
Actually I never really “started” this channel… I signed up on YouTube as a normal guy with an account like 6 years ago. My first upload for example was a video of a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Munich! Then I started to upload tracks I like and which haven’t been on YT so far. This went on for like 3 years just for fun and by the time I recognized that more and more people subscribed to the channel I named it aural pleasure and it was getting a bit more professional from now on. Continue reading “11 Questions to Konschti from Aural Pleasure”

Music from Germany – Main Automation

Main Automation is a german DJ from Munich, Bavaria. Prmoting young talented DJs is another thing what we want to do more often. Here’s his great track “Have You Ever”:

Music from Bavaria/Germany – Lenze und de Buam

Yesterday, I was searching for some christmas things for my parents. Passing time in the great music shop ‘Ludwig Beck’ is always awesome and gives me some new sounds!
Lenze und de Buam are a bavarian band, from Oberaudorf, formed by Lorenz Schmid, in 2012. Here’s their great song “Aloa, Aloa”:

Music from Germany – Untertagen

Untertagen is a german indie pop group from Aschaffenburg, in the north of Bavaria. They got famous for their great cover of “Dreh den Swag auf”, by Money Boy: