Music from the US – Curtis Eller

New York City’s angriest yodelling banjo player Curtis Eller talks about Hull and The Adelphi Club before his 2012 show. He also performs an exclusive version of the new track ‘Old Time Religion’.

Music from Guinea – Momo Wandel Soumah

The music of the Guinean singer and saxophonist Momo “Wandel” Soumah, who has died aged 77, bridged continents and eras with his intriguing blend of traditional African sounds and classic jazz.Soumah’s personal history parallels that of modern Guinean music. His artistic life began in 1947 when he was a young man and Guinea was still a French colony. Employed as the manager of the local post office in the provincial capital of Labé, he became increasingly distracted from his duties by local musical gatherings. He took up several traditional instruments before learning how to play the banjo and mandolin.(The Guardian )

What a great musician , african Jazz at his best , really pleased that i found this masterpiece of music “Felenko Yefe”