Music from the UK – 10CC

Read the article of Musicians in New Zealand and discovered that 10CC , a famous band in my Youth comes from there . I loved this song “Dreadlock Holidays” really an evergreen .In fact they come from Manchester , don´t know why they transferred this band which has founded 1966 and consisted til 2003 has been trasnferred to another continent. Two members of this band had a very famous solo /duo project called Godley & Creme


Music from Norway – Flunk

Flunk is a band from Norway, an can be situated in  the field of electronic music. Flunk rely especially on quieter sounds and can be associated to downbeat music .

Here is their song “cigarette burns”

Music from the UK – Stornoway

Stornoway -a band formed from two brothers from Southafrica (Rob and Oli ) , an Irishman from Dublin ( Brian ) and the Londoner called Jon . Now they are living in Oxford -England .

Here is their song “Farewell Appalachia ”

Music from Denmark – Lukas Graham

the new shooting star from Denmark with his song “Drunk in the morning ” Lukas Graham 23 year old , grew up in Christiania , a free state /village in the heart of the danish capital Kopenhagen. His music is a combination of soul funk pop and his voice is really unique …

Music from Russia – Masha and the Bears

Masha i medvedi (Masha and The Bears) became popular with their first single ‘Lyubochka’ (1997) though this track is not typical for their music. Their music is a slightly depressive folk. They’ve released two albums and disbanded in 2000. In 2006 they return to surprise us with their creativity. I read that medved could be translated with the word honeyeater -” Ljuba” russian for Love , amore , Liebe

Music from Spain – Dover

Dover is a well-known Spanish pop-rock band from Madrid formed 1990 that sings in English in most of their songs, here is their song “King George ” in the accoustic version (unplugged )

and in the original version , but please take care this is really , hard , fast and has nothing in common with the accoustiv version , just blows your mind out !!!!!