Music from Kenya – Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen is a kenyan gospel and Kapungala musician, who was awarded with the MTV Africa Music Award in 2010. Listen to “Saluti”, featuring various artists:

Your favourite song 2012

So, we’ve even december so far; still time to ask YOU about your favourite song. Vote for one of these 7 songs here or/and on Facebook and share this! We need at least 100 votes!!

Of course, the winner will receive an award: the xWorldmusic award, for the best public song! Continue reading “Your favourite song 2012”

Music from the UK – Adele

I think you all know her, but she can’t be missing here. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, born in 1988, is a british soul and pop musician. Although her young age, she already won many (Grammy) Awards, and was certified platinum four times in the UK. Here’s one of her hits, “Rolling In The Deep“:

Music from Uganda – Bebe Cool

Updated song:

An other song from the All African Music Awards: Bebe Cool from Uganda. He already won the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards) – Best Reggae Artiste/Group 4 times. Here’s his nice song “Boom Back“:

The Versatile Blogger Award

The second award, we won!!

Thanks to A Pakistani Boy, who gave it to us!  So much thanks!

And here are the rules:

  1. Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post

Things about me:

  • Sport is fantastic
  • I love my camera, a Canon G12 and playing the guitar
  • I love World Music and of course other music too ;)
  • I love the mountains
  • I started blogging to improve my English
  • I can’t understand people casting away food
  • I like stats…..

And here are the blogs:

To Wendy and her great alternative music blog. And so much thanks for writing here, fantastic job Wendy!

To Filipe! I can’t understand much on his blogs, but I can listen to the great music he’s blogging here, thanks!

To Afriquan and the fantastic African music blog, enjoying it so much! I already invited you as author here, look in your spam folder and to your email account ;)

of course to Kweli and his Kenyan blog, and so much thanks for your suggestions ;)

To this great electronica music blog!

To Julia and her excellent german music blog, loving it!

To this fantastic music blog, where I can always find new songs…..

To Zdenko and his nice blog! So much thanks for your suggestions!

To him, knowing that he already has it, but I’m so impressed of his music list…. ;)

To Halbwach and his arts blog :)

To Truels and his great blog with so much thanks for your many Music-Suggestions!

To Kyle, a young news blogger and his great and perfect understandable blog ;)

If you aren’t noticed here, maybe you’re noticed here. And there are many great blogs who already have this award, so I don’t give it to them again…