Music from Iran – Dariush

Dariush Eghbali, born in 1952, is known as the greatest Iranian pop singers of all time. Listen to his wonderful voice in his great song “Donyaye In Roozaye Man”:

Thanks orientaldrumming for this nice one!

Music from Iran/UK – Leila Arab

Leila Arab, born in 1993, is a iranian electronic musician, now livining in London. Listen to the great song “Underwaters”:

Music from Israel/the U.S. – Jemen Blues

Jemen Blues is an original and fascinating meeting of traditional Yemenite melodies with the world of blues, jazz and funk. Flavours of West African roots and enhanced modern compositions are creating a breathtaking experience and a mixture of beautiful complex grooves with an amazing live energy where ever this band enters the stage(^^myspace). Here’s their song “Trape Le Verite“: