Music from Australia – Matt Corby

Matt Corby, born in 1990, is an Australian singer-songwriter. His lovely single “Brother”, was a #3 hit in the australian charts in 2011 and won the ARIA award for the single of the year 2012:

Music from the US – Soldiers of Jah Army (S.o.J.A.)

I was a little bit confused , such great sound , we´ve posted it twice and received no likes from you ?? or only a few ones ……hmmmmm probably we´ve posted the wrong title , let´s try this one :-)


Music from the US – The Downtown Fiction

The Downtown Fiction is an US-american pop punk and alternative rock band from Fairfax, Virginia, formed in 2008. Here’s their nice song called “Let’s be Animals“:

This was a Music-Suggestion from Zombieinparks, thanks!