Music from Brazil – Milton Nascimento

Milton Nascimento, born in 1942, is a brazilian guitarist and singer-songwriter. He’s a popular MPB artist and released more than 40 albums so far! Listen to his nice song “Canção da América”:

Music from the US – Chiwoniso Maraire

Chiwoniso Maraire is a great singer and Mbira player from New York, born in 1976. Here’s her excellent song “Usacheme” on the mbira:

Music from the US – J-Boog

J-Boog, born in 1985, is an US-american R&B singer. We was born and raised up in Compton, California, and is rapping and singing since the age of eight. Listen to his great song “Let’s Do It Again”:

Music from the US – Tribal Seeds

Formed in 2005, Tribal Seeds is a San Diego-based reggae band. In 2008, they released an album, which was one of the iTunes “Best of 2008″ reggae albums. Listen to their great song “Dawn Of Time”:

Music from the US – Soundgarden

Soundgarden is an US-american grunge rock band from Seattle, formed in 1984. Listen to their song “Non-State Actor”:

Music from the US – Olin & The Moon

This is one of the bands, I could never ever get enough! Olin & The Moon, an US-american folk-pop band. Here’s one of my favourite songs, “Another One Down”:

Music from the US – Shimshai

Shimshai, an US-american fusion and reggae singer and musician with his song “Pure”, live in Israel: