Music from Japan – FreeTEMPO

FreeTEMPO is a chilled music project from Japan. Listen to their nice song “Sky High”:

Music from Brazil – Este Silêncio

This song is really stunning awesome. It’s called “Milagre” and seems to be as soft as you could imagine hearing a ‘Milagre’ in the portuguese language. The band is called Este Silêncio and is known for post-rock and ambient music.

Enjoy it :)

Music from Germany – Schiller

My Name is Christopher von Deyhlen – and i am Schiller ! 10 words he always uses in his concerts to introduce himself. CvD is a musician from Germany working since 1998 under his alterego Schiller. Inspired by electronic music like tangerine dreams , Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre he produces “global pop” according to the music press. Listen to his great relaxed song “Lichtblick”:

Music from Germany – Xandixx

Yeah, again my next own new little piece. Called it “A break from life”, thanks for the idea Emre. It’s more a chillout song, makes me dreaming!


Music from Germany – Xandixx

Hehe, my second one. Very similar to “Steps” so I called it “Steps 25”, but it’s a different style.

Music from Germany – Xandixx

Hehe, as you’ve seen I created my first little track. I thought Xandixx would be a nice name: strong as the Gauls, and including Xandi. And the best: the name wasn’t used often so far! Xandixx was born in 1995 and still likes sport! ;)
So I’m just a hobby producer, and want to share my sounds with you. I called it “Steps” and would be so glad if you’d share!!

Music from Germany – Robert Owl

Don’t known more about Robert Owl, but his chill out tracks are amazing. Listen to “Jacob’s Ladder”:

Music from Germany – Falscherhase

Wow, electronic chillout music is so awesome good. Found this DJ called Falscherhase(you remember?!) from Frankfurt last week. Here’s his song “Lebenslänglich”:

Music from the UK – The Irrepressibles

The Irrepressibles are a ten- member orchestra from London. Their music could be described as alternative, orchestral and ambient pop. Here’s their most popular song “In This Shirt”:

Music from Iceland – Múm

Múm are an elecronic and experimental group from Iceland, formed in 1997. Their music is made out of computers and acoustic instruments. They released six albums so far, and are well known in Iceland. Here’s their nice song “The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records”: