Music from Paraguay – Agustin Barrios Mangore

Agustín Pío Barrios (also known as Agustín Barrios Mangoré, May 5, 1885 – August 7, 1944), was a Paraguayan classical guitarist and composer. He wrote this song “Choro de Saudade ” a song about a word that only exists in the portugese language “Saudade ” There is a poem about this word : ” Saudades, só portugueses Conseguem senti-las bem. Porque têm essa palavra , para dizer que as têm.”

That means translated : Saudades – only Portuguesecan know that feeling. Because only they have this word, make it really to name.(google translator öhm :-)) perhaps Marilia can translate it better , im not sure wheather it expresses the real meaning in english , but  i love these background stories ^^