Music from Congo Brazzaville – Niasony Okomo

Niasony Okomo is a congolese singer from Lima, who came to Germany in the age of 13. As she describes herself on her facebook page she sings about her soul, which is torn between Africa and Europe. You could absolutely feel this contrast in her deep voice while she’s performing Afrobeats, traditional Soukous and driving Reggae. Listen to her nice song “Nasina” about a story about trickery and disappointment – a parable for the ongoing desperate situation in the Congo.

Music from Central African Republic – Boddhi Satva

The world-famous Boddhi Satva, was born and raised in Central African Republic, where his love for music was clear even in his formative years when he was involved in writing, producing and rapping with Gbekpa Crew (hip hop crew) – here´s one of his wonderful song “Punch Koko”